Doppler Labs Takes Bonnaroo 2015: The Gallery


Returning to The Farm for the Bonnaroo 2015 last month, Doppler Labs brought DUBS to the mud for a weekend in front of the latest and greatest in rock and beyond. Battling the hottest days of the year, the DUBS crew brought Here Active Listening to life in secret to bring light to the launch.

Bonnaroo brought memories like never before and after only a couple weeks apart, we’re already planning for next year’s splash. Find highlights from our time in the sun below!

IMG_9522 IMG_9326 IMG_9322 IMG_9314 IMG_9241 IMG_9238 IMG_9128 IMG_9012 IMG_8969 IMG_8907 IMG_8881 IMG_8767 IMG_8718 IMG_8643 IMG_7668 IMG_7702 IMG_7869 IMG_8086 IMG_8214 IMG_8257 IMG_8410 IMG_8560

IMG_7505 IMG_7353 IMG_6787 IMG_6751 IMG_6480 IMG_6740 IMG_6377 IMG_6319 IMG_6295 IMG_6050 IMG_6072 IMG_6084 IMG_6091 IMG_6099 IMG_6124 IMG_6244 IMG_6264 IMG_6015 IMG_5995 IMG_5976 IMG_5933 IMG_1275 IMG_1122 IMG_0985 IMG_0955 IMG_0765   IMG_0876 IMG_0912 IMG_0732 IMG_0327 IMG_0145