Interview: The Revivalists Their New Album, Outside Lands Debut & More


Ahead of their breakout performance at this year’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, Doppler Labs sat down with The Revivalists’ David Shaw and Zack Feinberg to discuss the brand new album Men Amongst Mountains, their upcoming tour dates and their rich history. With a track record deep-rooted in New Orleans culture, The Revivalists have shown tremendous growth and continued ingenuity with their latest body of work. Catch our words with their esteemed members below and pick up the album for pre-sale here.

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Congrats on the new album! Finally up for full stream, how’s the response been so far?

David: We’re certainly really proud of it. Exciting to see fans get really excited about it. I saw one fan said that there are no “pee songs”, haha. I.e. no songs that give you a chance to get up and pee during the album stream.


You guys are quoted to say this album is about growth. How has this album challenged you guys?

David: We’re always trying to put out the best body of work we can. With this band, its always going to be something from the heart. Sometimes when you’re mixing the heart with art with business, that presents a challenge that is fairly unique to the music business. We’re just trying to grow within that world and be as natural we possible can be.

Zack: One of the challenges working with such a democratic group with so many members where everyone is so talented and has so much creative input, is moving forward and accomplishing things and making decisions. Thousands of little decisions are being made on a record, regarding mix, track order, sequencing; every little thing in art. It’s not always challenging, but it is one of the things that makes us so unique.


Tell us about Studio in the Country and how your roots made an impact on this album? There’s some incredible names that have been through there. 

Zack: We did an initial two weeks at Studio in the Country, and then a number of other sessions to wrap it up. The first two weeks were the most fun. We’ve got to give a lot of credit to Ben Ellman, our producer for corralling everyone and being our benevolently elected dictator of the sessions. He was able to see everyone’s ideas through and understand what was and was not working. Putting his foot down.

Listen: The Revivalists – Men Amongst Mountains (Album Stream) 


You guys tour constantly and the upcoming string of dates is nonstop looking. How do you maintain your roots and vibe across stages all over the country?

David: I think its one of those things thats like the culture of New Orleans, its so strong and gets inside you. We never set out to be that New Orleans sound, it sort of just ‘is’. It’s currently happening.

Zack: We’re trying to be true to who we are. New Orleans is a big part of us and the band. We love New Orleans music, we love jazz and groove that can take over live acts. I think we represent New Orleans in a sense that we’ve spent a great deal of time there and it has nurtured us, and its impact is definitely there on the band.


We’re very stoked to take on Outside Lands together. Tell us what ever can look forward to? We can only assume this is the first festival the full album will debut at?

Zack: We’re VERRRRRY stoked about Outside Lands.

David: Outside Lands is a major festival and we’re really really stoked to be involved with it. Ever since that came out we’ve been trying to get on it, bugging our team to make it happen. We always have some tricks up our sleeve but try to keep it spur of the moment. We’re going to have something special for Outside Lands…


Lastly, what can expect for the next few months?

Zack: We’ve got a bunch of touring for the rest of the year, a music video, and a bunch of live sessions to look out for!

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