Kistuné Club Night Takes Over The 303 at Louie & Chan’s

Jai Wolf

It’s a Kitsuné takeover.

This week we witness a bit of NYC music history as Kitsuné brought down the roof (not literally) at The 303 at Louie and Chan’s. Teaming up with Kitsuné, DUBS hosted a night with three of the city’s fast rising and most favorited acts in dance. With a stacked bill and a weekend impending, we brought a short list of dazed fans out to hear the sounds of tomorrow.

Jai Wolf, Bahwee, and Mike Bloom took the booth to devour hours of the latest and greatest. Having been knighted by Skrillex late last year with his bootleg turned official remix, Jai has been taking leaps towards stardom with a handful of commisioned work for labels as large as Atlantic. Bahwee and Mike Bloom are crushing in their own right and they proved themselves quickly with un-shazamable selections.

Some highlights:

IW5A8268 IW5A8375 IW5A8547 IW5A8652

IW5A7895 IW5A7905 IW5A7928 IW5A8035 IW5A8105 IW5A8124

IW5A8747IW5A8132 IW5A8232